Reporté en 2022 - Siren's Call

Music & Culture Festival 

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26.06.21 - Reporté en 2022 - Siren's Call

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27.06.21 - Retrospective 5tet & Jambal

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29.06.21 - Annulé - The Lumineers

Juin 2021:

  • Reporté en 2022 - Siren's Call

    ConcertEN: Truth be told: we could have written a quite sad and emotional speech about how we truly hoped to make this edition happen in June 2021. About how hard we worked, how disappointed we are and how deeply this decision affected each and all of us... suite

  • Retrospective 5tet & Jambal

    ConcertEN: Retrospective 5tet - Daniel Migliosi, Etienne Grüness, Denis Ascani, Jan Seemann and Mathieu Clement. Straight out of the underground, a steady groove is building and it's called Retrospective 5tet. Pulsing from the center of Europe, Retrospec... suite

  • Annulé - The Lumineers

    ConcertEN: Den Atelier announced that The Lumineers’ concert, initially scheduled at neimënster on June 30th, and then postponed to June 29th, 2021 had to be cancelled. Unfortunately, it was not possible to find a replacement date. All tic... suite