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04.10.18 - Ruben Brandt, Collector / Ruben Brandt, a gyüjtö

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05.10.18 - The Citizen / Az állampolgár

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06.10.18 - 8'19''

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06.10.18 - DÉFILÉ-VENTE de prêt à porter italien

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06.10.18 - Soirée géorgienne - Namme

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07.10.18 - Women's Event - Ice Mother / Bába z Iedu

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08.10.18 - Nothing Like Before / Nic jako drív

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09.10.18 - CinEast - Gastronomic evening

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09.10.18 - Open / Nyitva

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09.10.18 - Wonderful Losers. A Different World / Nuostabieji luzeriai. Kita planeta

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09.10.18 - Panic Attack / Atak paniki

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10.10.18 - Lemonade

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10.10.18 - Beyond Words / Pomiedzy slowami

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11.10.18 - Playing Men

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11.10.18 - A to B Rollerski / Neiespejamais ir iespejams

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13.10.18 - Steam On The River / Para nad riekou

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14.10.18 - Marathon de courts métrages documentairs

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15.10.18 - A Balkan Noir

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15.10.18 - Secret Ingredient

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16.10.18 - Srbenka

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16.10.18 - Charleston

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17.10.18 - Marathon de courts métrages de fiction (Nord)

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17.10.18 - Journée Mondiale du Refus de la Misère

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18.10.18 - From Cremona to Cremona

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18.10.18 - When the War Comes / A? prijde válka

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19.10.18 - Call Me Tony

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19.10.18 - The Foundation of Criminal Excellence / Kriminalas ekselences fonds

Autres (ordre chronologique)

  • Ruben Brandt, Collector / Ruben Brandt, a gyüjtö

    FestivalEn: Ruben Brandt, a famous psychotherapist, is forced to steal 13 paintings from world-renowned museums and private collections to prevent his suffering from terrible nightmares. Accompanied by four of his patients, he quickly becomes the most wan... suite

  • The Citizen / Az állampolgár

    FestivalEn: The Citizen deals with the difficulties of integration through an unorthodox love story. Wilson, an elderly African refugee, wants to become a Hungarian citizen. While studying for his citizenship exam, he falls in love with his teacher, but t... suite

  • 8'19''

    FestivalEn: An anthology film composed of six shorts directed by young film directors representing new voices of Bulgarian cinema. 8 Minutes and 19 Seconds brings engaging stories revolving around the subject of personal apocalypse, inspired by the writin... suite

  • DÉFILÉ-VENTE de prêt à porter italien

    ManifestationFr: DÉFILÉ-VENTE de prêt-à-porter de grande marque italienne suivi d'un cocktail dînatoire avec produits et vins transalpins.Adele Rossini Gallo, créatrice au sein de l'atelier TERATAI (Turin), sera mise à l'honneur. Elle présentera des créations... suite

  • Soirée géorgienne - Namme

    FestivalEn: Ali's family has inherited a mission - to take care of a local spring with healing properties and cure sick fellow villagers with it. The three sons are skeptical and only the young daughter Namme stays as the guardian of family traditions. On... suite

  • Women's Event - Ice Mother / Bába z Iedu

    FestivalEn: When a selfless 67-year-old widow Hana finds late-in-life romance, her relationship with her selfish sons changes, as does her belief in the checklist she imposes on her life. This is a wry and emphatic character drama, written and directed by... suite

  • Nothing Like Before / Nic jako drív

    FestivalEn: One boy and four girls, all high school students living in the poverty-stricken border town of Varnsdorf; three stories of coming of age and serious decision-making where graduation is by no means the only turning point looming ahead in these... suite

  • CinEast - Gastronomic evening

    FestivalEn: A unique opportunity to discover some of the traditional dishes, wines and beers from Eastern Europe. Make your own choice from various options representing different countries and enjoy the authentic flavours. Free aperitif with pass or ticke... suite

  • Open / Nyitva

    FestivalEn: A couple in their 30s, Fanni and Balint, hope to escape the seemingly inevitable cheating and betrayals by forging a desperate plan - they will open up their relationship. Dramedy exploring the challenges of modern day mating from a strong fem... suite

  • Wonderful Losers. A Different World / Nuostabieji luzeriai. Kita planeta

    FestivalEn: They are called water carriers, domestics, 'gregarios', 'Sancho Panzas' of professional cycling. Always at the back of the group, with no right for a personal victory. These wonderful losers are the true warriors of professional cycling.Follow... suite

  • Panic Attack / Atak paniki

    FestivalEn: Six stories about ordinary people put in extreme situations, which cause them to experience a panic attack. A brilliant satire that cuts through society with razor-sharp humour, by first-time director Pawel Maslona, world-premiered at the Karl... suite

  • Lemonade

    FestivalEn: During the process of getting a green card, a young Romanian woman is faced with abuses of power on every level and is forced to answer a dark question about herself - how far would you go to get what you want? A brave and powerful yet quiet i... suite

  • Beyond Words / Pomiedzy slowami

    FestivalEn: Nothing in Michael, a young and successful Berlin lawyer, gives away his Polish roots, until his father's visit plunges him into an existential crisis. Shot in black and white, this highly atmospheric and multi-layered drama by the award-winni... suite

  • Playing Men

    FestivalEn: Director Matja? Ivani?in has chosen to take us to a strictly male world. To a world of men striking punching balls at a funfair, wrestling, throwing heavy rounds of cheese through narrow streets, etc. Does this mean that the film is just an in... suite

  • A to B Rollerski / Neiespejamais ir iespejams

    FestivalEn: A never-been-told story about the journey of Raimonds Dombrovskis, a Latvia-born biathlete and seven times US champion, as he roller-skis 4200 miles in 90 days across North America in 1988. An inspirational and entertaining documentary about a... suite

  • Steam On The River / Para nad riekou

    FestivalEn: A documentary jam session that follows, often in crazy situations, three extraordinary aging Slovak jazzmen: the exceptional and extravagant trumpeter Laco Deczi who lives in the US, the double-bass player Jan Jankeje surviving in Stuttgart an... suite

  • Marathon de courts métrages documentairs

    FestivalEn: A selection of short documentary films from the countries of Central and Eastern Europe.with free snacks and drinks during the breakHere and Here / Tu a tady by Michaela Mihalyi (Czech Republic, 2017, 2 min) Home sweet home, or what we do/don'... suite

  • A Balkan Noir

    FestivalEn: Swedish couple Nina and Oskar's daughter went missing on vacation in Montenegro. Five years later, Nina is back in Montenegro and wants to take revenge. A dynamic, captivating thriller with crime, vengeance and punishment in its centre, A Balk... suite

  • Secret Ingredient

    FestivalEn: An underpaid train mechanic uses stolen marijuana to make a cake for his father to relieve his cancer pain, but suddenly he finds himself cornered by the criminals who want their drugs back and the nosy neighbours who want the recipe for the h... suite

  • Srbenka

    FestivalEn: In the winter of 1991, a 12-year-old Serbian girl was murdered in Zagreb, Croatia. A quarter of a century later, Croatian director Oliver Frljic is working on a theatre play about the case. An innovative, gripping documentary, Srbenka is a pow... suite

  • Charleston

    FestivalEn: Some weeks after his wife Ioana dies in a car crash, drunk and alone on the night he turns 42, Alexandru receives a visit. Sebastian, a shy, younger man, had been Ioana's lover for the last five months, and he has an outrageous request... A st... suite

  • Marathon de courts métrages de fiction (Nord)

    FestivalEn: A selection of short fiction films from the Czech Republic, Estonia, Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia and Ukraine.with free snacks and drinks during the breakCaucasus / Kaukazas by Laurynas Barei?a (Lithuania, 2018, 14 min) suite

  • Journée Mondiale du Refus de la Misère

    CérémonieFR: Le 17 octobre donne la voix aux personnes en situation de précarité et à celles qui s'engagent à leurs côtés pour transmettre leur parole dans la fierté et la dignité. Le programme proposera un moment fort qui permettra à tous les citoyens non... suite

  • From Cremona to Cremona

    FestivalEn: A young apprentice leaves his family and his home town in Bulgaria to follow in the footsteps of the great Stradivari luthiers at the world's most famous violin-making school in Cremona, Italy. So begins his journey to overcome cultural and li... suite

  • When the War Comes / A? prijde válka

    FestivalEn: Petr, the young protagonist of Jan Gebert's chilling documentary, leads a paramilitary organisation whose goal is to defend and preserve the nation. His recruiting of young men and submitting them to a humiliating military drill clearly goes b... suite

  • Call Me Tony

    FestivalEn: Konrad, an 18-year-old bodybuilder who wants to be an actor, idolises his favourite action movie heroes while desperately fighting for his father's attention. Soon, between the gym and his expectations, he finds himself losing the plot. A comi... suite

  • The Foundation of Criminal Excellence / Kriminalas ekselences fonds

    FestivalEn: This crime comedy set in Soviet Latvia in the 80s follows the ambitious television screenwriter Imants who is commissioned to write a crime story about con schemes. Together with his friend Harijs, they - not exactly successfully - try out tri... suite