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Nepal: Aid Workers' Perspective

A photo exhibition from Nepal, 2011-2012

This selection showcases a unique and diverse insight into a Nepal rarely viewed by tourists. From portraits taken on field visits to project sites in the Far West, to exquisite images of everyday moments. The exhibitions are being curated and run by a group of aid workers who have been working together closely in Nepal during the last year. The exhibition was inspired by the outstanding photography produced by the group. The project was originally set up as to raise awareness and funding for several grassroots projects worked upon by Helen Shelmerdine at the Esther Benjamins Memorial Foundation and SASANE, both of which are Nepali NGO's which work within the anti-trafficking sector.

All the benefits from the exhibition go to a local school project in Kavre, Nepal, supporting local efforts for community development and education in Saping village through fair tourism.

Isabel Schank is originally from Luxembourg, she currently lives and works in Nepal. She graduated from University of Greenwich as a landscape architect in 2002. Since then she has worked in different areas of design, before she chose the field of development work in 2008, thus finding the opportunity and inspiration to share and grow with people all over the world. Before Nepal she lived and worked in Mexico and Nicaragua, immersing deeply into different cultures. She is passionate about large natural landscapes and loves living a rather simple life filled up with truly human experiences. Opening up and motivating herself and others, working closely together with people, regardless of gender, culture, religion, race, age is her motto for breaking down the boundaries in and between societies.

Organized by Aide à l'Enfance de l'Inde in collaboration with the CCRN. Support by the Nepal Consulate-General and the Weltbuttek.

11 photographers, 60 pictures:
Emma Brierley, Scotland - Jan Peter Boettcher, Germany - Melanie Langpap, Germany - Dominik Langen, Germany - Kim Alleman, Switzerland - Isabel Schank, Luxembourg - Shaun Plumtree, Australia - Linda Helen Shermeldine, United Kingdom - Attila Ballatoni, Hungary - Anya Thomas, Canada - Andrée Mathieu, Canada