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04.09.15 - PASS Aerowaves Dance Festival Luxembourg 2 Days

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04.09.15 - Idiot-Syncrasy

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04.09.15 - Aerowaves Dance Festival Luxembourg Day 1

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04.09.15 - Ellipses

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04.09.15 - Manlike

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05.09.15 - Sweat Baby Sweat

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05.09.15 - Aerowaves Dance Festival Luxembourg Day 2

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05.09.15 - Field

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05.09.15 - Bokko the ultimate fusion

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13.09.15 - Panda Club Familljefest

Autres (ordre chronologique)

  • PASS Aerowaves Dance Festival Luxembourg 2 Days

    DanseCe 2 Days Pass comprend les représentations suivantes:4.9. 20:00 : Idiot-Syncrasy (40 minutes)4.9. 21:00 : Ellipses (10 minutes)4.9. 21:30 : Manlike (34 minutes)5.9. 19:30 : Sweat Baby Sweat (60 minutes)5.9. 21:00 : Field (45 minutes)5.9. 22:00 :... suite

  • Idiot-Syncrasy

    DanseEn: We started with wanting to change the world with a performance. We felt like idiots. Then we danced a lot. We jumped. We called on the folk traditions of Sardinia and the Basque Country. We sang. We jumped some more. We committed. Now we promi... suite

  • Aerowaves Dance Festival Luxembourg Day 1

    Danse20:00 : Idiot-Syncrasy (40 minutes)21:00 : Ellipses (10 minutes)21:30 : Manlike (34 minutes) suite

  • Ellipses

    DanseFr: Une marche du temps décomposée, fragmentée, hyper-ralentie. Un corps, comme arraché aux lois de la physique, dans une chorégraphie où le temps et l'espace sont troublés. Un personnage nous emmène au seuil de la réalité et du rêve, e... suite

  • Manlike

    DanseEn: Manlike is inspired by the stories of women who had to become men. The 'sworn virgins' of the Western Balkans took vows of chastity, dressed and lived like men in order to avoid the harsh treatment that women usually experienced. Milena Ugren'... suite

  • Sweat Baby Sweat

    DanseEn: Sweat Baby Sweat is a new step into the investigation on the symbiosis of storytelling and abstraction. Working together with a video designer and a composer, Sweat Baby Sweat becomes a work in which composed music and projected text take an i... suite

  • Aerowaves Dance Festival Luxembourg Day 2

    Danse19:30 : Sweat Baby Sweat (60 minutes)21:00 : Field (45 minutes)22:00 : Bokko the ultimate fusion (20 minutes) suite

  • Field

    DanseEn: A performance about the tireless fight that something should happen in life. And the disillusionment that if something happens, it won't be the right thing. That the more you want to experience the less you experience. A performance that tries... suite

  • Bokko the ultimate fusion

    DanseEn: Bokko is a explosive dance performance with whipped up music and video animation, by Karel van Laere and Vanja Rukavina. These two theatre performers are so interested in the influence of Asian media culture on reality that they decided to mak... suite

  • Panda Club Familljefest

    FêteFr: A partir de 12h00 tous les jeunes, membres ou non du club pour enfants entre 6 et 10 ans du Musée national d'histoire naturelle, sont invités à participer à la joyeuse fête de rentrée du Panda-Club qui proposera une vingtaine de stands d'anima... suite