Criadores de saudades, na liberdade, paz e sacrificio

Nelson Neves/Maria Gomes/Arlindo Tomas Gonçalves/Severo Delgado

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jusqu'au 30.07.17 - Criadores de saudades, na liberdade, paz e sacrificio

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jusqu'au 21.07.17 - Annulation Bold beats / Maintien de Mare Adv. Lirika

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jusqu'au 23.07.17 - Arthur Possing Quartet

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29.07.17 - Stephanie Lottermoser

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29.07.17 - ONJL feat Shiho

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29.07.17 - Klangcraft

Juillet 2017:

  • Evénements en cours:

  • Criadores de saudades, na liberdade, paz e sacrificio

    ExpositionFr: En commémoration des 42 ans d'indépendance, quatre peintres de la communauté cap-verdienne expriment haut en couleurs la saudade de leur pays natal. Ils évoquent la mémoire et le bonheur des Cap-Verdiens dans leur morabeza et révèlent la profo... suite

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  • Stephanie Lottermoser

    ConcertEn: The German saxophonist and singer presents a groovy mix of jazz, funk and pop with her band. Her compositions and arrangements are influenced by personal encounters, influences and stories. Alternating between tenor sax and singing, she has fo... suite

  • ONJL feat Shiho

    ConcertEn: The Orchestre National de Jazz Luxembourg is featuring Shiho, the famous Japanese singer of Fried Pride for this year's edition of the Blues'n Jazz Rallye. In 2016 Shiho already collaborated with the ONJL's head Gast Waltzing for a concert in... suite

  • Klangcraft

    ConcertEn: Klangcraft, a quartet which evolved from the duo 2men Group, promise an outstanding performance thanks to lead singer Judith's smooth and dynamic voice .All four members are former students of music with a shared passion for music and life, wh... suite